Our Bakery is Open!!


Meet Grandma's Home Cooking!

Nobody can cook like your grandma, with passion & great taste, and that's why we use her style in cooking.
The old Syrian house style and every thing around you will makes you feel like you are in old Damascus, visit us today and you will find more than our words.


Our Cooking Top Secrets!

Secret #1 

Fresh Ingredients = Amazing Taste!

Secret #2

No body cook like Mom!

that's why we use her

cooking  style

Secret #3

You don't have to go to Damascus while we are here!

Farm to the Heart

You'r invited to first Syrian cuisine taste in Michigan,

A hundreds & hundreds years experience & history of cooking in Syria now on your table,
our menu is rich in tens of plates & fresh, healthy & tasty Ingredients.
Visit us today and we promise you will come back again & again. 

Damas Mahashi
Damas Cooking
Damas Fresh Food

At Your Service

Tel: (248) 987-4985  |  Email: info@DamasCuisine.com


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